Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Maryandra didn't send many photos this time, but she and her companion did make it to the temple!  It seems that a lot of sickness is going around, and Maryandra even has a cold or sore throat as well.  Here is a little from her e-mail:

Wow, we had like six kids at kids eikaiwa this time, which was
loud. It made my ears hurt more than usual. And by usual, I mean that my ears and nose are full of yuck, and my throat is sore, so I can't swallow, hear or smell without feeling some small discomfort. But it's good that kids eikaiwa went pretty well.
Foutz Shimai kindly let me go to bed a little early, and I slept in some this morning, too. I think I feel a tiny bit better. My throat doesn't hurt quite so bad. But my head kind of does. All that nastiness being stuffed up in there, all that yuck. Well, I'm excited for splits today!

I get to go to Tama again, only this time, I'll be
going with Dansie Shimai! She's one transfer ahead of me,
which means that she was in the MTC with me for a few weeks,
So, we were at the station by about 12:30 or 12:40 or so, and met the
Tama sisters. After talking for a bit, we separated, and I went with
Dansie Shimai to Tama. It's kind of funny, because I started feeling a
tiny bit better almost as soon as we separated. I still don't feel great,
but I was at least able to talk to people today without feeling like I was dying,
unlike yesterday, where every person asked if I was okay, because I was
coughing so much.

Well, hopefully a former investigator should be coming to sacrament meeting today, and meeting with us for a lesson after church. She randomly called us yesterday to ask what time church services were again, and to say that she would probably be coming. That should be good, then, right? Yeah! I'm looking forward to it! She seems like a nice lady!...

Well, not only did she come to church, but she also brought her daughter and two of her daughter's friends. Even though the particular things we learned in church today are a little hard to understand even for life long members, they seemed to have a good time, for the most part. We sat them all down after church with two of the elders as well, and taught a group lesson, each one putting in a part here and there. I wasn't feeling super great, so I couldn't do more than testify at the end, but I felt good about he little I was able to say.

Foutz Shimai asked her to say the closing prayer. As she did, she started crying, and everyone felt a peace as she prayed. It was such a sweet experience! I'm glad that a rather hectic church block ended on a good note. She said, when asked if she would study again, said that she knows she needs God in her life again. The only thing that
keeps her from coming to church every week is how busy she is. But she
said she needs Jesus Christ. She and the others all left happy, and so did we.
Okay, so while I wait and get ready, I'm just gonna send this off, so that when we pass by a place with accessible wifi, it'll automatically send. I'll tell you more about the temple and stuff later! Love you all! The church is true, and being a missionary is an awesome, awesome thing to be! I love it! Bye!....


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