Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maryandra enjoyed her last week in Hachioji, especially children's English conversation class!
Then she got her transfer notice, and was in Sagamihara by Thursday!
 Here is Maryandra and her new companion, Sister Evans!

They enjoyed some "pirikura" photos, which are photos that enlarge your eyes and that you can add stickers to!  They are with the sisters from Tama in this photo! Here are a few excerpts from Maryandra about her new area:
Yesterday was the hardest day of my mission. I had to say goodbye to
many friends!  I cried so much after saying goodbye to one sister, and 
gave her a ctr ring. One of our favorite investigators, came to the church 
with her husband and little girl, to say goodbye. She gave us each a 
photo book, and a pair of chopsticks,
and a cute handkerchief. When she started crying I just wanted to die.
I didn't want to leave Hachioji! It was so hard. Brown Shimai and I
stayed up till after midnight just talking about the experiences we'd
shared there. I'm really going to miss it.  I'm really going to miss 
brown Shimai as well. If she goes to
BYU Provo, feel free to meet her sometimes. She's awesome!
But I can tell that this transfer will be good. Sister Evans seems
like a great person, and I have heard only good about her, so this
should be great! But I am anxiously looking forward to Stake
Conference this weekend, when I will get to see many of my Hachioji
friends once more, and then to June 29th, our friend's  BAPTISM DATE! I
really am so glad she moved her date up from Christmas! I will do
everything in my power to go there and support her, because she asked
me to come, and I know it would help her to at least see me there. I
don't know why, but I just feel like it would be a good thing if I
went. Brown Shimai is going to try to go too, if she can. Well, time
for language study! See you later!
Okay, so now time for a few more details. This morning, funakura
Shimai and I left at 6:40 am to get to the eki by 6:55. Only a few
minutes later, our respective companions arrived, and we made the
separation. I rode for about ten minutes with sister Evans to the
sagamihara eki. It's lucky that I just moved next door, basically. It
would have been harder if I had moved far away. But anyway, I at least
feel relatively comfortable here. I know that I will have a lot of
good experiences here. But please, when you come here, can we go to
Hachioji, and you can meet all my friends!
Well, the first day was actually really fun. I met a lot of new
people, and learned of even more. And I met my new district. There are
only six of us, like there were in the beginning in Hachioji.(there
are ten there Now. O.O) also, I received an early birthday package
from the Spriggs! I really appreciate it! They are so nice! I loved

I'm pretty sure there was a bit of an earthquake this morning, but
it's kind of hard to tell since we live on the first floor, and this
apartment is way more solid than the one in Hachioji. But I think I
felt one! Anyway, the Sunday session of stake conference is today! I'm
sure it'll be fun!
Yes! I was right! It was the best! I even got to see my friends again!
 It was awesome! And we saw a broadcast all the way from
Salt Lake City! Too bad it rained, though...

Right now, we are in Seminary, and I am surprised by how many people
are here! It's about five times as many as who attended in Hachioji.
Later, for pday, we plan to go shopping in Tama with the Tama sisters,
Sister Wells and Sister Hapbibor. Well, it's early, but I hope you guys
enjoy this week!
And here's the Fuji fan I got today at Daiso, the 100 yen shop! Daiso is the best!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Maryandra will be transferring to an area called Sagamihara, and sent a very short e-mail, probably because she is busy getting ready to that transfer! Here she is with her companion and the other sister's in their apartment!  They are at a place called Sweets Paradise!  Here is an excerpt from her letter to her dad for Father's Day:
I received my transfer call today. I will be going to the sagamihara
area. My new companion is Evans Shimai. I met her once before, and I
think I will like her. I'm sad and kind of nervous, but it am excited at the
same time, and I want to do a good job.

Here's an excerpt from her tiny letter to her mother:
I think that for the most part, we won't be getting a lot more rain this month, and next month is supposed to be broiling! Yuck!  Evans Shimai is transfer 8 or so, so she will be senior companion. Actually, half he district is transferring! Brown Shimai is going to Kanazawa, and Hurlbut and funakura shimaitachi are staying here.  It seems that everyone is changing. We all needed a change. I will be transferring on Thursday morning! It's a good hing thy Sagamihara is a close area. Love you!

Hopefully we'll have more news next week!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Maryandra is trying to survive the rainy season this week!  Here are a few excerpts!
Oh boy, has today been interesting! Rainy season is here all right, unless this is just a precursor. If so, I hate to think what the real rainy season will be like!
Also, I am happy to announce that our friend has a desire to get baptized! She said yes to the soft commitment ( if you don't know what that is, ask and I'll explain next week.) and it was amazing! We just need to help her keep that desire now! She is amazing!
Guess what today is? More rain. And also, we have a two zone meeting for Facebook rollout! Yay! I will be able to see at least one of my MTC friends again, New Zealand brown Shimai! Woohoo! President Wada himself will be coming, and the Assistants....
Well, it was a fun Facebook training meeting! Yay! After that, we proceeded to go housing in the pouring rain. I swear, Link must have played the rain song about a thousand times today and then lost his ocarina! It's bizarre how steadily it rains here! It's been going since last night, and I hear that there won't be a real break in the rain until the 14th of this month O.o! Whoa! So, pretty much, streeting is out. Looks like housing all day, every day from here till the 14th! Well, at least no one has gotten sick in our apartment. That would be pretty bad...
Or, perhaps the reason the rain has gotten worse is that it's actually Curtis (Maryandra's brother) who's gotten so good at the ocarina that he affects the weather conditions on the other side of the planet. If that's the case, I wanna hear it! If only that were possible. But yeah, today's been pretty.... Wet. I've never been so soaked up to my knees in a skirt, unless it was back in February and I just forgot about it. But man, it was gross. And somehow, these flower blossoms got into my shoes, and now I have these black spots on my feet were they either rubbed off their colors or they burst or something. And they don't want to come off all the way. It looks like I have a skin disease:/ But that's okay.
Still raining. And that means more housing. I guess that's a good thing, because we get to explore the area more. But I just really wish it wasn't raining! On the plus side, it always reminds me of either Totoro, or Spirited Away, or any other ghibli movie that has a lot of rain in it. Anyway, we will just... Do dendo stuff, I guess, as soon as lunch is finished.
... Well, it's still raining. I'll probably say that a lot over the next month or two. But hey, at least we talked to about 14 people today, so that's good. Lots of old people were home. Anyway, I don't know what else to say at this point. This week has been pretty slow. Let's hope something fun happens tomorrow!

Actually, yesterday was pretty uneventful, except that, for a few glorious hours, it stopped raining! Woohoo! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

In Maryandra's e-mail of June 2, 2014, she was happy about a new journal she'd just bought!  If you know Maryandra, you can appreciate her excitement!  Here a few excerpt about other things:
We had a temple pday, so that's why I couldn't send you
any emails on Monday, and that's why it took so long for me to send
the last email. So, what happened was that we had a mini emergency
transfer. Literally no sooner did we leave the station from coming
back from the temple, expecting to enjoy the rest of our pday, than we
got a call from none other than President Wada. He told us that
another nihonjin sister had become really sick and needed a nihonjin
to look after her in kichijouji while he and sister Wada went to the
mission president training conference located in the other Tokyo
mission somewhere. They will be gone for probably 4 or 5 days.

Then Maryandra proceeded to have a rough week because she missed her Japanese companion, Sister Funakura. But all returned to almost normal by the weekend. Here's a little more:

So, today is fast Sunday, which means we are all going to be very
thirsty today, because it is hot outside, and only one room in our
apartment as AC, and the rest of he apartment, literally as soon as
you walk through the doorway, is hot and almost muggy. Blech! But I
think we'll be okay when we get to the church. The temperature today
is probably close to thirty degrees Celsius, but I don't know hat that
means in Fahrenheit. I'll give you an update when I can actually look
at the weather app, which won't be until I get internet at the church.

I can finally take a much needed breath and relax. Everything
is going to be fine! It feels like all this took a whole lot more than
one week to go through, but it will seem really short, especially to
you guys, since it's all in one email. But it feels like weeks, if not
months, have passed since that day exactly one week ago. I can't tell
you how tired I am. But it's been a good learning experience. I just
need to learn to trust in The Lord. Everything will always turn out
for the best, just give it time. But I'm so very tired. At least
things turned out all right, all just in time to welcome the incoming
typhoon season. I hear that's supposed to be pretty interesting.
So, this family
in the ward invites the missionaries and their investigators over for
dinner and family home evening every fast Sunday, and so we went
there, ate, played a game, did a lesson, and played, you'll never
guess what... OCTPUS 8!!! Only of course, it was in Japanese, so it
was called tako hachi. 
But it was a really fun game, especially when
elder sawyer couldn't remember what he was supposed to say when it was
his turn, so he yelled NIHANA!!! really loudly with this big awkward
face, and predictably was one of the first people to get out. But it
was hilarious, I can't even describe how much it made us laugh! Well,
anyway, I think that's it for today. Bye!