Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We had an awful lot of fun on our Skype with Maryandra!!!
We actually got to talk to her for over an hour!!!
We hope we weren't breaking too many rules by that!
She had a pretty good week, too.

I liked the meetings during church
pretty well. I just wish we hadn't ended up skipping lunch for
contacting, because then we had a good hour bike ride before we arrived
at a member family's home for dinner with the elders.
Anyway, it was so fun. It was
the very first dinner appointment I've ever been to, of any sort,
since coming to Machida a month ago! 

Then Maryandra found out that that member is the son of her
daddy's mission president in Sapporo over 25 years ago!!!  Here is
Maryandra and a bunch of missionaries at the that members' house!
During the Skype, her dad mentioned he remembered that this brother
was about 16 when he entered the mission field back in 1990!

Maryandra says this is her quote of the week!!!

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