Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maryandra noticed that the forget me nots are out already!!!

 So are the soggy sister missionaries that like to dance in the
warm rains of typhoon season!
 Sister missionaries with mustaches!

. . . So, the typhoon came tonight instead of tomorrow, and by seven or so, it was raining pretty hard. We were greeted by the other sisters in a very interesting manner. They opened our door, and we saw a sopping wet, barefoot Gappmayer Shimai. We all aligned a bit, and they came in for a little while. Later, we visited them, and in the meantime, we all were fascinated by how hard it was raining. It was so crazy! Gappmayer Shimai, on a whim, suggested that we go and run outside and play in it. I agreed, and so we ran out into the pouring rain! We got soaked within a matter of seconds, but it was warm, and it just kept coming! We played in the street for about ten minutes, and we weirded out both the delivery man, who came out of the apartment, got on his bike, put on his helmet, and looked at us like he wasn't really sure what to do, as well as the teenage boy who poked his head out a window and asked "aren't you cold?" And watched us for a good five minutes. But we didn't care, it was sooooo fun! I haven't done anything that impulsive or childish in years! It was the best thing ever! And it was a major stress reliever! Yeah!
Well, we just had a pretty long earthquake at about six this morning.
It woke me up, and I hear the walls creak, but it wasn't a terrifying
one. I kind of just laid there, and waited to see how long it would
take. Interesting. 

(So different from how Maryandra responded to her first earthquake!)
. . . On the way there, as we
walked out of the train station, I got the most nostalgic feeling, mixed with a sense of déjà vu, because the street we walked down looked al last exactly like just street that leads up to the St. George temple and visitors center, that we used to go to all the time. The houses were built like they are in southern Utah, and the trees looked the same, and the smells, the colors, even the sloping hill of the rode just smacked me in the face like "ST. GEORGE!!!!" Which I found odd, because why would it be St. George, of all places? But it felt like home, and it was the coolest thing ever! I felt like I was floating on clouds as I walked Down memory lane, of all the times we got to go to St. George before.


 The fun Machida district missionaries!

Haha, whoops, it's transfer day, and I haven't had time to tell you
what my last transfer call is yet. Well, I'll just tell you what
happened on Saturday, and then get caught up to today. So, we went to
the church at about eleven, and got our transfer emails. Sister Foutz
is transferring to Zama, and will be with a sister Roth. I will be
staying here in Machida second ward, and I will be receiving a new
companion. My new companion will be sister Tall. She will be a
transfer two as of today, so I will be doing her follow-up training.
It should be interesting,.

Okay, so, here's a few updates! I'm ALIIIIIIIIVEEEEE!!!!! I'm more alive than I've ever been since.... I can't remember. Transfer six, maybe? I looooooooove sister Tall! Get this! She is into doctor who, Sherlock, Zelda, Celtic music, she loves hanging out with her family, like I do, and she's sooooooo super genki and nice and sweet! I'm sooooo excited for my final transfer! I can't believe it!

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