Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Maryandra and Sister Tall actually look like real sisters!
. . .
So, we made our way by bus to the station, and
met with sister Brown and the other Machida sisters to wait with them. We sent off sister Foutz after a few minutes of saying goodbye to the elders who were transferring. . .
We went back to wait for the new companions who were
coming. We had to wait a few minutes, but it was all right. I was so nervous the whole time I waited for Sister Tall to arrive. I knew nothing about her, and the only picture I'd seen of her was the Mother's Day picture she'd sent with her trainer, sister Merstrand, to sister Wada, and it gave me nothing to go off of. I was such a worry wart that Gappmayer Shimai basically told me to calm down. When she finally walked through the gate, she was talking to two ladies at once. . . and she's one of the cutest people I've ever met, and as soon as we started off for food shopping with the other sisters, we hit it off, and I realized she's not scary at all. She's so cute. She has been the easiest companion up to now. Sometimes I wonder why I had all these other companions up till now, or why we didn't get put together sooner, but then I realize I wouldn't have appreciated it as much as I do, having had all the experiences I have.

Maryandra appreciates all the art, both on the big buildings, and on the humblest of doors!

Sister Tall and Sister Miller

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