Sunday, July 5, 2015

Last entry to Maryandra's Mission blog!!!

 Maryandra struggled her last weeks with knowing how
much she was going to miss the wonderful people
she has been living with and working with
and really loving!!!

 She put her all into those last days!

 Here is her testimony from her mission experience:
My final testimony:
When I first came out on my mission, I thought I might be one of those missionaries who accomplishes great things, or things that would seem great in the sight of the world. Maybe I would see a dozen baptisms, or find someone who would become the next mission president or sister Wada. I felt like I was meant to accomplish all these miracles. The only trouble is, I thought I would see the results immediately, and I thought it would be because of me. I learned pretty quickly that I was wrong in both of those thoughts. I've learned a lot and been humbled by my mission. I have seen miracles, but they were always personal, and none of them were accomplished because of me. It was when I learned that this work is not only not about me, it's not even done by me, not really. It's when I realized that I was merely an instrument in the hands of the real Master, that I truly felt the power of serving a mission, and truly knew what it meant. No, I may not have seen a dozen baptisms in my mission, but the people I've done my best to reach out in love, may receive the gospel someday, and there's definitely a lot more than just a dozen of them. No, I didn't see someone become a mission president before my eyes, but I've seen people who have been touched, or whose fears have been resolved, because I was at least where the lord wanted me to be, when He wanted me to be there.
I'd like to share a poem that my grandpa sent me, that he wrote while on his mission. He called it the plowman. I didn't think much of it until just recently, but as I look back on my mission, I have been able to see the parts I've played in the lives of so many people.
And then July 3, 4:00 pm finally came!!!
 Maryandra's brothers made awesome giant paper samurai hats
to wear to surprise their favorite and only sister, 
returning from her mission!!!
And finally at 4:15 pm there she was!!!

 How we've missed our "Sissy!"
There were a lot of tears shed, by mom and daughter, mostly!
 Maryandra is home!!!
 Maryandra brought her mission experiences home with her!
She is changed forever, in good ways.
This is Maryandra and her Daddy just before being released
from her mission by our dear stake president.
 Sister Maryandra Sophia Miller
Maryandra's whole life is ahead of her!
New and different challenges are coming,
but she will tackle them with all her heart,
with gratitude and courage,
and with total trust in the Lord!