Thursday, July 3, 2014

Maryandra is really enjoying her 2nd area, Sagamihara! Here are a few excerpts from her last letter:
Okay, and in short, we had the craziest day ever! I mean, really! After teaching an pi, we experienced a typhoon! The only thing it lacked was ridiculous wind to the scale it was ripping away umbrellas. But it sure had enough water, thunder and lightning! The 3 minute walk to the church resulted in us both being soaked and wringing water out of our skirt hems before proceeding to enter the church. Needless to say, this made finding a little difficult. We only just managed to talk to the ten we needed, in fact, though, we were able to get a pi by helping this women retrieve her laundry from where it had fallen in a place where she couldn't get to, finding out she was catholic, and giving her a Book of Mormon. I think that that makes... Five? I don't know, really. But she was sweet. We didn't ask her name, though, so we just call her the pink pants lady in honor of her laundry, which is what helped us to find her in the first place! The last miracle of the day was as we were walking home, discouraged that we had missed the ten by just one, only to find a man as he found a dog that wouldn't stop trying to make friends with everyone it met, and thus striking up a conversation about where the heck this dog came from. It was the coolest day ever, I tell you! Don't let me forget to send you the short typhoon video(s) that I have! It's crazy crazy crazy! Well, gotta go. Now. Bye!

We had a gyouza making party at the home of a pi and her friends that we go to every week. It was a blast! Then, we did park dendo, and we got to talk to a lot of people. It was way fun! The only troubles as that, I'd eaten lunch before even going to the gyouza party, and I'd had to eat a lot of gyouza, down to the very last one, so I was full to bursting. It was on this slightly uncomfortable occasion that we had dinner with the district, at an udon restaurant. I had to eat a bowl of curry udon. I seriously don't remember being so full. And then, right after that, a healthy, if slightly uncomfortable, ten minute walk to the church for district meeting. Yay.

I must close for this week. I will, however, tell you what we plan to do for today. We are going with the Tama sisters again, only this time, we are going to get foot massages... From fish. I will tell you more about it after it's happened, when I understand it better myself.... Actually, it turns out that the plan changed, because nobody knew where the place was. So, instead, we ended up going to Chinatown! It was a blast, I tell you! It's ironic how we all felt more touristy going to Chinatown when we live in Japan, isn't it? I'll be sending some really cool pictures soon, and maybe all the others I haven't sent before, so I can make space on my iPad. But we'll see. In Chinatown, I got a few key chains and some shoe inserts that massage your feet while you walk. They feel GREEEAAAT!!!!! I love them! And I also got a dragon ball z fan at a conveni before actually going to Chinatown. I saw some shirts there as well that I could get, but they weren't very cool.

I am now riding the train back home, and I will send you this email, along with as many pictures as possible, as soon as we arrive at the church and can receive wifi. I will send you pictures of the cat knick knack shop we went to, just for the sake of dear old Curtis! He would have died of happiness if he had been there! I almost did myself, In fact! I loved going to Chinatown to just look at all the cool stuff! I especially loved looking at the gigantic, intricately designed Chinese Buddhist temple! Oh, my gosh, it was so gorgeous! I wonder just how long it took to build something like that back in the ancient days, in both china and Japan? The colors, and the decorations and carvings, are just insanely ornate! Dad would go crazy with excitement!
You know, we should visit as many traditional Japanese and other such temples and castles and other places and buildings as possible when you guys come to get me in less than a year.... Man, I can't believe how fast that's thats coming up! I've almost been a missionary for seven months! Holy cow! I hit my halfway point around my birthday. Man, what a rotten birthday present that's going to be. Sad day... And, on that note, I bid you all a very fond whatever is left of your Sunday or Monday... Oh. Actually, you're all asleep right now. Well, sleep tight! I must be off. Bless your face. If you sneezed during this email, bless you! Peace out! See you next week!
Lots of love,
Sister Miller

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