Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The highlights of Maryandra's week were practicing some games for the summer festival they held for friends and investigators, and trying out hairdos at the sisters' conference on Saturday!  Here are some excerpts from her e-mail:

In the morning, we had
our weekly zone meeting. I did the first presentation with another sister,
and it went surprisingly well, considering we had no
opportunity to meet and plan besides over the phone. Thank you
to the spirit for carrying me through that, because I got really
nervous right before it started, on account of us having planned
something different than what was actually supposed to happen. But it
went well, and I actually felt the spirit a lot in it. Anyway, right
after that, I went on splits with another sister, and proceeded to have a
really really good time! We went out to eat at this restaurant that
makes "American" food, and yes it was really delicious, but who should
we just happen to find there but a random less active whom I've never
met before, who came there as well to eat lunch with her friend who is
also by chance less active. Quite the coincidence, one would say. And,
do you wanna know how it gets even crazier? She just barely came back
from going to English school in Utah, from Provo no less! I. Eleven
she even went to classes on BYU campus to study English! And since
both me and my companion just happen to be from Utah, it was like
whaaaaat?!?! Small world, huh? She was so genki and cute, I wonder why
the heck she even went less active? Well, we soon hope to fix that,
since we are now Facebook friends and such.  All in all, it was a rather enjoyable day.

So, today, I got to do all of the contacting, inviting people 
to our upcoming natsu matsuri (summer festival) on
Saturday, which I am way stoked for! However, I am even more excited
for a mission wide sisters only conference the day before, where we
have spiritually uplifting things go on, so I've heard, followed by
fun things like learning exercises and recipes, doing hair, and I
heard one rumor about massages, but that's unlikely, of course.
However, I am pleased to announce my second unofficial baptism. One of
the people I taught three or four times in Hachioji is getting
baptized on Sunday! Way excited for her! Yay! I probably won't go, but
since I doubt I'll see any "regular" baptisms, this is as close as I
get. So, that's number two! Woot!
...ugh, maaaan, today was so hot! It was about 93 degrees. Trying to
street was rough! And he humidity! It was so hot, I just wanted to
sleep on an ice bed or something. That heat does something to ya,
seriously. But at least I had water.
Anyway, let's get back, more or less, to real time. We woke up way
early and traveled all the way to kichijouji for the all sisters
conference, which was amazing! I loved the talks, and the workshops
afterwords. I especially enjoyed getting to see all my friends again.
We had a lot of people come to summer festival It was great! 
We had barbecued sausage
and onigiri, shaved ice, and nagasomen. But
anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves, even though it rained slightly.
That actually made it pleasantly cool. I hope to be able to send you
so e photos, airdropped to me by another missionary. I didn't have my iPad
with me during the festival, cause I needed my hands. 

Anyway, we are currently sitting at the barbershop that's about five
minutes away from our apartment. We have a bit of a long wait to go,
so I just thought I would update you/do my own thing since I can't
currently speak to anyone, as there is nobody sitting with us waiting
in line. I am working on a drawing, since having gotten some art
supplies. I'll have to send you a photo of it when it's done! I plan
to give it to someone, if I can.
I also found out that today's national holiday is beach day, so that
clears up that mystery.
We went shopping at OK Super before this, and ran into one of the
people we'd streeted before, who works there. What a fun little
coincidence that was!
Well, we currently have nothing else planned for
the day besides emails, until four or five o'clock this evening, when
we go to a family English Conversation again. . . We
finished early with the English part, so we moved to the short message
about the church. Today's theme was " I Am A Child of God." We had a
good time. Their son is such a cutie! Did I tell you that he's Hyrum's
age? It's way fun teaching him English! 
So, lots of love,
bless all your faces, peace out!
Miller Shimai

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  1. So fun to see what's she's up to! Thanks for sharing!