Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 Maryandra went to the Tama Zoo this P-day, and had a great time, even if she was talked out of buying the tiger stuffed animal, AGAIN! Here are a few excerpts:
So the zoo was pretty fun, and this time, I actually have things
I can send you guys, and it's pretty cool! I got to see some animals
that I couldn't before, due to all the snow. It was nice! I got
irritated, though, when the other sisters told me not to buy the
stuffed tiger at the gift shop. I'd been planning to for months, but I
think that, because everyone was kind of tired, and their remarks were
kind of blunt, I let it get to me. But gosh, I've been missing my
stuffed animals. Of course it's difficult to carry one around at
transfers, and yes this one was 23 dollars or so, but it was a good
sized, soft and cuddly little tiger, and I've packed things more
difficult than that before, so whether or not it was unreasonable, I
really just wanted to sleep with a stuffed animal. Is that too much to
ask for sisters? Really? But I semi-sort of consoled myself by buying
two really cool elephant journals for really cheap. I'll send you the
picture of them.

Also, to give you an update. I barely noticed the typhoon. 
And there is no sign that it even came except that everything is wet
outside. It came sometime in the middle of the night, and it didn't
even wake me up. In short, I'm just fine. No worries here! :) thanks
for all of the prayers on my behalf, everybody! I was aware of them,
be assured, and I am very thankful for so many people who care. Love
you all!
Oh yeah, so there was an earthquake the other night, and we felt it...
Well, actually, only Evans Shimai did. For the first time ever, I
actually slept through an earthquake! And it was apparently a good
one, too! Lasted about two minutes, according to Evans Shimai. I
really wonder why I didn't wake up? Usually, I'm a really light
sleeper, so either I was so exhausted for some reason, or I really did
notice it and I just don't remember. But yeah, it happened.

Anyway, we have zone conference today,Zone Conference was amazing! 
We heard from the missionaries who
will be going home, and they both shared really good stories and testimonies 
about why we are here, in Japan, right now. It was without a doubt a bit of a
defining moment for me. I've seen reasons here and there of course,
ever since I came to Japan, but this made me think about lots of
things, such as how much my mission will affect the rest of my life,
and the things I came here to do. I can't slack off. I can't not do my
job. It's just mind blowing to think about that, and about other things
like it. My whole life will almost certainly pivot around this period
if 18 months. Honestly, if I wasn't on a mission right now, what would
I be doing? I don't know. College, probably, but I would be such a
robot, and a lazy butt, and who knows what could have happened had I
made a different decision? But, if I do my job well and remain a
faithful, sincere and obedient member of the church, I'll receive
wonderful blessings that I can't even comprehend right now. It's
just... Amazing! I can see both roads, and, honestly, even though I
was a little but reluctant and mentally rebellious at first, once I
made the necessary adjustments, I'm just so glad that I chose this
one! It's given me such growth and perspective, I cringe at the
thought if going back to normal life. 

And, another fun fact, today marks my seventh month as a missionary!
Wow, the time goes by so fast! At the moment, nothing fun going on,
but, if we can we are going to go to a questions of the soul in Tama,
given by president Wada. Those are always fun. This time around, it's
about faith, and president Wada will show clips from Indiana Jones
that relate to the topic, such as when he steps onto thin air and the
bridge appears. It's always cool how he makes those analogies. Our
investigators, PIs, and ward members love it, because it relates to
every normal person, and ties back to a principle from the gospel at
the same time. It's way cool!
Love you guys! Till next time!
Miller Shimai

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