Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Here is Maryandra at her new favorite restaurant after Temple P-day, called Homeworks!

Aside from her companion getting a broken finger playing basketball, nothing too adverse to report this week!  Here are a few excerpts from Maryandra's latest letter:
Man, it's July already? We're did the time go? Holy cow! I'll for sure be home in a year from now. That's the weirdest thought ever! *mind blooooooooooooooowwwn!* anyway! today we had a weekly zone conference. It may sound weird that we are, for the now, holding zone conference every week, but it's necessary. We are doing what's called the ten week turnaround, and it involves a weekly super training on a specific aspect of missionary work, such as finding, or doing how to begin teaching, which was what we did today. This is to help us improve our work ethic and rekindle our dendo fire as a whole mission. It's awesome!
So, you know that picture my companion posted on Facebook at the eikaiwa activity? We have that again today, only this time we are learning how to make origami! I'm so excited! Maybe I'll begin to have some skills in that department! I've got pretty paper, and I'm ready to learn! I just hope these cute middle aged women can survive learning how to make origami in English. A lot of the time, they make funny jokes in semi-correct English the whole time, or do things like name the fly they just killed with their bare hands Georgey. It's one of their favorite jokes. Anyway, I'll tell you more about it when it's actually happened. I can't wait!...
Well, I didn't learn how to make as many things as I thought, due to the absence of the main skilled origami lady, but it was still really fun, and I did learn how to make a paper bag. I should send you a few samples sometime. Only this time, the fly tht buzzed around, due to the passing of Georgie, was named Billy.

Well, first off... HAAAAPPYYYY FOOOUUUURRRRRTH OOOOOF JUUUUUUULYYYYY!!!!! I wish that I could celebrate it her in Japan. でも、それ は ちょっと むり ので、あまり できないですね? Oh well. I'll just celebrate it in my mind.
Okay, well sports night was good, with it being Independence Day and all, and therefore having American snacks, and petting someone's random new pet gecko, except that Evans Shimai jammed two of her fingers while playing basket ball. Oooouuuuuuch! However, after returning to sagamihara and making a tiny detour to our pi's home so she could give us this special cold tape for Evans shimai's fingers, I saw-- don't get too excited, Curtis--a young, small cat, hiding in the bushes, just staring at us. It hid when I approached, but I put a piece of a Pringles left over from dinner on the wall, and backed up. As it smelled the alluring scent of Pringles, it inched forward, picked up the pringle in its mouth, and slowly retreated back into its shelter. . .I felt happy to help the little kitten. It's just too bad that at that moment I had nothing healthier than Pringles. I hope it doesn't get sick because of me. Well, that's my favorite part of today.

Man, more rain. This stuff is more like mist, though. Usually, that's better, except that it's not necessarily bound by the laws of gravity, so an umbrella is totally useless, and you get soaked without even noticing it. But it feels really good when it's hot out. And it's really cool to watch the tiny droplets float around in the air as you walk, until they stick to your face and hair, but it kind of tickles.

...okay, a small update on Evans Shimai and her finger. Turns out, it's broken, not jammed. We went with a member to the nearest clinic today and got an X-ray. There's just the tiniest piece of bone broken off at the second knuckle. We have to go back to the clinic on Monday, so that they can put on a more permanent cast once the swellings gone down. They say her recovery time should be three to four weeks, so she'll be like this for the rest of the transfer, pretty much. What fun:/ But oh well. She's still pretty genki, which is good. But at least the rain stopped. I should tell you about the two things that happened today, one cool one at the clinic, and then an interesting one or two at the less active lesson we taught right after. So, we'd planned to surprise visit a less active sister today, but because we were taking so long at the clinic, we were pretty sure we couldn't do it, so we were a little disappointed. But, lo and behold, while we were waiting, who should walk in but none other than that very sister, the very lady we'd planned to visit! WHAAAT???? O.o O.o!?!? So, we got to talk with her, and catch up a little on what's going on, and she met another sister, the member, which was really good, and they talked while we went in for the X-rays. It was really good!

So. We just got back to the church from a very rewarding experience. We went to visit a woman who is Taiwanese, and very kind. I really enjoyed going to her house. She speaks pretty good English, because she went to school in the states for a while. You'll never guess where she went to for her first three months of school. Yup! BYU Provo! And she went to church some with her roommates! Isn't that the coolest? Small world, deshou? That was...what, maybe 25-30 years ago. She's really nice! And she believes a lot of things about our church, too, and she is perfectly happy to learn more! It's just too bad that she's so busy. We won't be able to meet with her again till almost the end of the month! Sad day! But that's okay.

Unfortunately, missionaries are no longer allowed to handle fireworks, so I did nothing for the fourth except for sports night, which was actually pretty fun, I guess. I sang the national anthem there with all the other American missionaries for the first time in... How long? I'm ashamed to think about it!  Anyway, love you all, keep it up!
Miller Shimai  

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