Monday, June 16, 2014

Maryandra will be transferring to an area called Sagamihara, and sent a very short e-mail, probably because she is busy getting ready to that transfer! Here she is with her companion and the other sister's in their apartment!  They are at a place called Sweets Paradise!  Here is an excerpt from her letter to her dad for Father's Day:
I received my transfer call today. I will be going to the sagamihara
area. My new companion is Evans Shimai. I met her once before, and I
think I will like her. I'm sad and kind of nervous, but it am excited at the
same time, and I want to do a good job.

Here's an excerpt from her tiny letter to her mother:
I think that for the most part, we won't be getting a lot more rain this month, and next month is supposed to be broiling! Yuck!  Evans Shimai is transfer 8 or so, so she will be senior companion. Actually, half he district is transferring! Brown Shimai is going to Kanazawa, and Hurlbut and funakura shimaitachi are staying here.  It seems that everyone is changing. We all needed a change. I will be transferring on Thursday morning! It's a good hing thy Sagamihara is a close area. Love you!

Hopefully we'll have more news next week!

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