Monday, June 9, 2014

Maryandra is trying to survive the rainy season this week!  Here are a few excerpts!
Oh boy, has today been interesting! Rainy season is here all right, unless this is just a precursor. If so, I hate to think what the real rainy season will be like!
Also, I am happy to announce that our friend has a desire to get baptized! She said yes to the soft commitment ( if you don't know what that is, ask and I'll explain next week.) and it was amazing! We just need to help her keep that desire now! She is amazing!
Guess what today is? More rain. And also, we have a two zone meeting for Facebook rollout! Yay! I will be able to see at least one of my MTC friends again, New Zealand brown Shimai! Woohoo! President Wada himself will be coming, and the Assistants....
Well, it was a fun Facebook training meeting! Yay! After that, we proceeded to go housing in the pouring rain. I swear, Link must have played the rain song about a thousand times today and then lost his ocarina! It's bizarre how steadily it rains here! It's been going since last night, and I hear that there won't be a real break in the rain until the 14th of this month O.o! Whoa! So, pretty much, streeting is out. Looks like housing all day, every day from here till the 14th! Well, at least no one has gotten sick in our apartment. That would be pretty bad...
Or, perhaps the reason the rain has gotten worse is that it's actually Curtis (Maryandra's brother) who's gotten so good at the ocarina that he affects the weather conditions on the other side of the planet. If that's the case, I wanna hear it! If only that were possible. But yeah, today's been pretty.... Wet. I've never been so soaked up to my knees in a skirt, unless it was back in February and I just forgot about it. But man, it was gross. And somehow, these flower blossoms got into my shoes, and now I have these black spots on my feet were they either rubbed off their colors or they burst or something. And they don't want to come off all the way. It looks like I have a skin disease:/ But that's okay.
Still raining. And that means more housing. I guess that's a good thing, because we get to explore the area more. But I just really wish it wasn't raining! On the plus side, it always reminds me of either Totoro, or Spirited Away, or any other ghibli movie that has a lot of rain in it. Anyway, we will just... Do dendo stuff, I guess, as soon as lunch is finished.
... Well, it's still raining. I'll probably say that a lot over the next month or two. But hey, at least we talked to about 14 people today, so that's good. Lots of old people were home. Anyway, I don't know what else to say at this point. This week has been pretty slow. Let's hope something fun happens tomorrow!

Actually, yesterday was pretty uneventful, except that, for a few glorious hours, it stopped raining! Woohoo! 

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