Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maryandra was able to watch General Conference a week later than the rest of us, but she loved it!!!
Here are just a few excerpts from her letter, that came a day late!!!

I got to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday, and it provided the spiritual
nourishment I needed! I really liked the Sunday morning session! I
think that one is my favorite this time around. I wish we could have
it again! Two days of bliss!
Yesterday, we were doing housing, and I saw a pot of flowers with
forget-me-nots in it. Those tiny flowers are so cute! When I saw them
I was reminded of the talk president uchtdorf gave a few years ago
where he used them as an analogy. I really like that talk.
I did finally find a post office, but whether I'll be able to find it again is a very good question. If I have the time, I will do my very best, though. At least
I know one exists here in Hachioji! Second, we got a random set of desk, 
chair and set of drawers yesterday. It's probably a mistake, because no one knows where it came
from, but if it is here to stay, we are probably going to become two
companionships next transfer, which is probably false, because our
apartment is already really crowded, and the study and futon room
would not fit stuff for another person. And, we still have about 2
weeks or so before we even have to start thinking about transfers.
Love you all!
Miller Shimai

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