Monday, April 21, 2014

Maryandra had a great Easter, and among her experiences she had this to write about:

Hey! So, guess what? Yesterday was Easter for us, and we had the most
amazing privilege! Guess who came to our ward for church, before going
to Kichijouji for a fireside? You'd better guess! There's only one more
minute left in my brain! So you'd better guess!....... YES! None other
than Linda K. Burton, the General Relief Society President!!! I was so
excited!!! And, we had one of our investigators make it just in time
for 2nd hour, so she got to hear her talk! And then, you'll never
guess what happened! After the meeting, I accidentally got in the way
of Brother Burton, but I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't see who
it was, until after apologizing in Japanese. Then I looked up, gasped,
and spluttered out "I'm sorry!" He was really nice about it, and he
shook my hand. Sister Ringwood, who was accompanying them,came up and
talked to me too. She gave me a hug and asked my name. And then Sister
Burton herself came up, insisting " I just have to say hello to these
missionaries!!!" I got a hug from her too! I was grinning from ear to
ear! She asked me how long I'd been out, and I told her just two
months, and she smiled and said "Oh my! Bless you!" It was the coolest
thing ever!!! After sacrament meeting, I introduced our investigator
to Brother Burton and Sister Ringwood, barely missing Sister Burton
herself. But out investigator was really thrilled! She's the cutest

There were no photos this week, but she sent such a fun letter!!!  :-)

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