Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Here is a little something from Maryandra's last letter, dated April 28, 2014.
Aha! I gave out my second Book of Mormon this week, while doing
kubarikai, of all things! It was the coolest! This lady sat down on
this thing I was next to, and since I had exhausted all my fliers, I
was hesitant to just go up and talk to her, but then I thought " well,
you're an idiot if you don't at least try. And remember your goal is
to have no regrets!" So, that spurred me Into action. I went up and
commented her on her shoes, which as usual sparked up the whole
conversation of where she bought them, and since she had shopping bags
where did she go shopping and such. And I don't even remember most of
what was said, but it turned out that she was interested in learning
about Christianity, and English, and she wanted to come to our
classes, and to church, to see our services. From there, I don't
really remember, but since I had been holding a Book of Mormon the
entire time, I just gave it to her, and after explaining what it was,
assuring her that yes, it is free, and yes, I have lots more, she took
it! Just like that! Sometimes, I think that I have beginners luck or
something, because things like that just happen sometimes, and
everybody says it's me, but I know it isn't. It's just the guidance
that I received to go stand there, at that time, doing that thing, and
voila! The scary thing is, though, that I was supposed to go on splits
to Tama for the day, but because the other sisters got on the wrong
train and decided to just do something else, I stayed with brown
Shimai and one of the Kunitachi sisters this time. If the Tama sisters
had gotten on the right train, all these things would have happened,
and we would never have found this 金人 woman!
That last sentence means "golden" woman!!!  She's doing great! She also mentions in 
her letter that they are moving the Hachioji sisters' apartment so that they'll have room 
for 2 companionships in that city.  We'll find out more about their new apartment next 
week, we hope!

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