Wednesday, April 1, 2015

 It's that beautiful time of year again in Japan!!!
 Lot's of things are blossoming, including young sister missionaries!
Here is Maryandra's explanation of why she is with Sister Hapbipour:

Man, I needed Tuesday! It was sooooo good! I loved our zone conference
this time!  I also loved the things I learned! There was a really good musical
number by the host district, Fuchu, which is the area we held zone
conference at this time. They made everyone laugh, and their song
was really happy and energetic. It was about families, and how we
support each other. There was a lot of clapping and moving around, and
we all forgot we were in a church and applauded at the end. You should
have seen president Wada's face! It was priceless! I don't know if
I've seen him laugh as much as I did that day, what a great time!
We had a lot of great trainings, which were exactly what I needed to
hear! I learned how I can improve in many places I had wanted to, and
the returning missionaries bore great testimonies!

Later, we had a zone "super split," which means that every single
missionary goes on exchanges to another area, and I loved it! I got to
go with sister Hapbipour! I'd really missed her since I transferred
out of Sagamihara while she was in Tama, and I was so happy that she
transferred to Tokorozawa recently. It was great being with her, and
we went first to Tokorozawa for a dinner appointment with none other
than Watanabe Shimai, the one who was your doki (entered mission
field same time), Mom! She talked about
your trainer, and how you were in the same apartment together as bean
chans, and it was fun to hear her as she talked about you a lot, and
it was so fun! She brought her adorable niece, who we got to
meet, and talk to.
Wednesday, we did a bit of dendo at the park and some housing (got
some cool pictures at the park, of the peach blossoms and trees and
other stuff as well!)
 Maryandra took several photos of this huge ladybug at the park!!!
We went to zone meeting in Tokorozawa today, and everyone had a great
time, with wonderful, funny trainings, and wonderful, hilarious
people! For the most part, our little musashino north zone is like a
big family!
On the way
home, I felt like I needed to talk to someone on the train, and I was
just praying for the courage to be able to do so, because it's been
really hard for me to do it lately. So, when this young girl sat down
next to me, I started up a conversation, and when I needed it, Smith
Shimai stepped in and somehow, we got to talking about the Book of
Mormon, and we ended up giving this girl a Book of Mormon, but unlike
some of the ones I've done in the past,t I feel like she will accept
this one! She looked like she really wanted it, even before I offered
it to her! It was so cool! And I feel like something will come out of
it, even though I don't know what. It just reinforces my personal
mission motto, "by small and simple things are great things brought to
pass." We both felt so good from that experience!

 This is the first time Maryandra sent us photos of her in her bike helmet!!!

Well, we are off to the temple today! I'll write more after to you
mom, but while I have the chance, I'll just go ahead and send this
off. To all of you who read this, the church is true! You will never
be happier than when you embrace this gospel and its teachings! I
promise you that! I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Miller

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