Thursday, April 23, 2015

  Maryandra's companion has been sick for so long now that Maryandra
has time to have fun with her ipad mini!!!

So, Foutz Shimai was able to do about an hour and a half of study time, but then she had to go back to bed, because she was exhausted. Poor thing, I swear this has got to be more than just a cold. It's crazy! But I still appear not to have caught it, so I'm thanking Heavenly Father that I can still function, and I'm also being super careful, to make sure that it won't happen. I don't want to get incapacitated like that. Let alone get food poisoning again. That one was a nightmare, let me tell you! Scariest two weeks of my life! But I learned about Columbus and the creation and distribution of the bible today as I read first Nephi 13, so that was a pretty entertaining study time!


So, here is a little challenge I have for my brothers. I know they all participate in family scripture study, but are they all doing their own daily personal scripture study? I would like to know, and if they are not, I challenge them to start, because I know it's best to establish good habits earlier on in your life. I was blessed in the years before I served a mission by reading from the Book of Mormon every day. It made it easier to keep going through my mission, and the habit will be all the easier to maintain after I return home. So, because the Book of Mormon has blessed me so much, and I want my brothers (and anyone else who is interested, of course) to have that same blessing in their lives, I challenge them to start reading it every day, and to make sure they are getting it done, I want a weekly report of the things they have learned so far as they progress, insights, new knowledge, testimonies, etc. and I want them to type it to me personally. Can you boys all do that for me? Awesome! I expect to hear from you very soon! Don't slack off here, okay?

Wow, I actually really enjoyed my first real Sunday in Machida. The
members seem pretty nice. We got to hear from a
member in the Machida stake presidency, and when we were talking to
him after church, I found out he had served in the Sapporo mission
about twenty years ago. That would be cool if he served at the same
time as dad, wouldn't it? But I think he either served at the very end
of, or just after dad's time. Cool, though.
Anyway, after that, we had to come home, and Foutz Shimai slept after
a late lunch, and I did a bunch of things on the to-do list she had
given me, much of which was calling people. It turned out good though,
because I was able to make two appointments with people, and as I
finish the list, I should be able to make more.

Maryandra should have more to say once her companion gets better
and they can get out and do more!!!
These are photos of some flowers Maryandra was admiring!!!  Lovely!!!

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