Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maryandra turned out to not have the stomach flu after all.  It was salmonella food poisoning.  She and her companion went to the ER on Monday, November 17, and after some IV hydration, her companion was able to go home, but they admitted Maryandra, and she's been in the hospital since then.  They realized it was salmonella by Thursday, and started both sisters on antibiotics.  Sister Reeves, though very sick herself, was able to stay at their house, and has begun to slowly return to missionary work, but has to be very careful. Maryandra had gotten sick about 5 or 6 hours sooner than Sister Reeves, and was dehydrated so severely by the time she was admitted, it is taking longer for her to recover.  She probably had a larger portion of whatever had the salmonella in it!  But due to the toxins released by dying salmonella bacteria, once she started taking the antibiotic, she had another rough weekend of vomiting, etc., and is now doing somewhat better.  Here is all she sent us for an e-mail this week:

Just letting you know I'm not dead. I'm still at the hospital, so I can't email you in the regular way. But sister WADA was kind enough to offer to let me use her phone to send you a quick message. So I just wanted to tell you guys not to worry. I'm trying to get rehydrated and get my kidney function back up. I'm trying to eat fruits and things, because those are things I can digest better. This week was temple pday, so I'm sad I wont be able to go tomorrow, but hopefully I'll keep getting better. Mom I really miss you, and your lasagna and spaghetti and your salsa and grape juice and jams and cookies! Tell everyone hi for me and that I love them. Tell Daddy I love him and I'm sorry I can't email him right now:( Tell the boys to hang in there at school, and they're all getting too big! Ah! Okay I have give sister WADA her phone back, but I love you all and can't wait to be fully healed! The church is true and being a missionary, though hard and frustrating at times, is the best and it is so rewarding! Love you!  

We usually pick a little here and there from a 5 page e-mail to put into her blog, so this e-mail was slim pickins for us!  Then early Tuesday morning, we got this photo from Sister Wada!

Though she'll be in the hospital for Thanksgiving, we know she is in good hands.  Hopefully we will get our usual lengthy news from our daughter next week!  We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you may have for Maryandra as she gets over this time of sickness!

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