Wednesday, December 3, 2014

These flowers were sent to the mission home for Maryandra from a sweet lady living in the Tokyo South Mission area that is one of Maryandra's mom's favorite friends from her mission!!!  Thank you Michiko-chan!!!  We have appreciated the kind thoughts and prayers for her quick recovery, and know that Maryandra could feel the effects of everyone's love, prayers and concern as well!  :-)

Since we have not gotten an e-mail from Maryandra, we can only assume that since she was finally released from the hospital on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, instead of Monday, her P-day, that she has not had any time or ability to let us know how she is adjusting.  We did get a phone call from the medical specialist in Tokyo telling us that she had been released, and that her phone call to him from the car that was taking her back to her house in Hibarigaoka, was one of excitement to be out at last!!!  We look forward to our own phone call from her at Christmas time!!!
We know she will be taking it easy for a few days while getting her strength back, and hope for a nice newsy e-mail this coming weekend.  We know she'll be back to normal soon, and we just have to patient!!! :-)

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