Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Maryandra and her companion, Sister Reeves, had a great week, but then they both came
down with the stomach flu.  Here are some excerpts:

We had splits today, and I have been so busy that unfortunately, I'm
not writing this in real time. I'm writing this from Thursday, but I
will try to make this as exciting as it would have been if it were
still Wednesday. So, once we exchanged at the tokorozawa eki, and
headed home, starting study an hour late. I actually kind of like
sister Ellsworth. That's her name, by the way. But she's nice.
Interesting character. To describe her accurately, I would have to say
her character type is similar to that of Keliana Tayler, whereas her
appearance is more like that of..... Hm... Well, she's blonde, with
blue eyes and... I will say. But she's crazy good at
drawing people and stuff! I wish I could be as good as her! And she
and I actually have a lot of like things in common. It was kind of
like being with someone who is a combo of a few people I've known
throughout my life, so it was a bit of dejavu for me. But it was fun. . . .

Suffice it to say, I had an interesting time. It made for an entertaining day.
Anyway, that's it for Wednesday. Now, on to Thursday....

Well, after dropping off Ellsworth Shimai and splitting back with
Reeves Shimai, I think I was geekier today, in a more genuine way. I'm
not sure why. It hasn't been bad at all lately, but I think it was
just.... Better. Interesting, huh?

Anyway, after another studying and planning the collect lesson ever
for matsushita Shimai, we went all the way to Kiyose, took the wrong
bus from the station, and had to ride it half way back to the eki and
walk the rest of the way to another sister's house. While we were
walking, we said hello to this old lady, and she stopped and said
thank you, and then proceeded to jabber at us for the next fifteen
minutes, crying any time we said something nice, and telling us about
how amazing it is to meet warm-hearted people, and talking about her
experiences from the past, and about her grandma who lived in Los
Angeles many many years ago, and something about Disneyland, etc.
After that, we discovered that our appointee was not even home, after
having scheduled an appointment. Shoot. So, we weren't too happy about
that, but we made our way back, and came all the way back home, to
prep for our other to-do things before leaving to drop off a birthday
card at one lady's house, and she came out when we rang
the doorbell, and she has the cutest four month
whose hair was so long and fluffy it self styled into dragon ball z
hair or something like that. He was soooooo cute! But after that, we
were unable, try as we might, to find a referral's house, even
though we found the closest possible house it could be to, but it
wasn't it! We were so dejected, but I managed to somehow cheer up my
companion and make her yakisouba, which was delicious, and we then had
most of a wonderful weekly planning session! It was really great!

We had such a crazy busy day today! I think I may have pushed myself a
little too hard today, or perhaps it's just something I ate at a member's
house, as in the quantity. She gave us way too much today. . . .

Sorry, I really don't feel well, so I'm kind of lax with detail, but we ended the day
by teaching at a sister's house. she fed is way too much, which may be one
reason why I started to feel sick.


Sorry, nothing really to say about today, besides that both me and
reeves Shimai have, according to Wada Shimai, the stomach flu. I
haven't left the house, and I probably won't for a good long while. I
haven't eaten anything since yesterday. I threw up three times last
night, once this morning, and once in the evening. I don't remember ever
being sick like this before.

I threw up again last night, and about an hour or so ago. I barely
even have the energy to make it to the bathroom. We weren't able to
make it to church, understandably, but later four of the elders came
and gave me and sister reeves blessings.
After that, sister Wada herself came over and administered to us. I
ate almost a whole saltine cracker, but later I threw up again. Shoot.
I'm literally starving, but what am I going to do?

I think the total times I've thrown up now is about twelve. I haven't
for a while, which may be a good thing, but, though I no longer have a
fever, my stomach feels even more sensitive. So far, I've managed to
keep down an apple slice. . . . It's just the

stomach flu. But man, does it pack a wallop. Well, I hope your week
ended better than mine. Love you, and sorry once again for this email. 

Miller byouki (sick) Shimai

We haven't heard a word from her since, but hope she and her companion
are finally on the mend!  Poor things!

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