Thursday, October 23, 2014

 After only a few short weeks in Fussa, it looks like Maryandra is transferring again!  By the time anyone reads this blog, she will already be in her new area of Hibarigaoka! Here is what she thought about it before transferring:

I got some interesting news for ya. I'm transferring again. I'm going
to Hibarigaoka. It's in the exact same zone as the one I'm in now, and
it's my mtc companion's bean area. I will be companion's with my doki,
sister reeves. She will be sister training leader, and I guess I will
just tag along and be a co-senior or something. I'm not sure how I
feel. I wanted to stay with horrocks Shimai, but I guess that the
lord's plan for me really was to do a 3-2-1 transfer pattern for the
areas I go to. Interesting, because I've wondered what doing that
would be like ever since leaving Hachioji. After that, I'm not sure.
This should be interesting. I was really sad, then really... Okay with
it, then really mad, and now I'm okay with it again. The plus is that
I get to love in a HOUSE, not an apartment! And I get to live with
sister Eyring! Best yet, she will be companion's with FUNAKURA
SHIMAI!!!!! Aaaaaaah! That makes me happy. I hope I get along okay
with reeves Shimai, so I hope that things go well. I'm not going to
let myself get angry or sad about that. I have to say, I've wondered
off and on about what it would be like to be in hibarigaoka, and what
it would be like to co-senior, and I've wondered lately about what it
would be like to live with reeves Shimai, and I've been missing
Funakura Shimai, and who wouldn't want to love with president Eyring's
granddaughter? I can see that there are a lot of plus's. But I will
really miss np being companion's with horrocks Shimai. We've gotten
along so well. But I should have know it would be too good to last.
Sigh. Well, I sure hope that things go well there, and that I can make
hibarigaoka a home. That would be nice. I've heard it's a great area,
and a lot like Hachioji, apparently. Well, I'm really sad to leave my
weird, freakie girls here, but I'm sure I'll make some new freak
friends in hibarigaoka. Well, wish you all luck, congrats to dad on
MAKING IT TO ETL!!!! And I may actually need that mouthwash, now that
I won't have a chance to go on base any time soon. Love you all! Be
safe and careful, tell cousin Chris hello and to write me and send me
his weeklies, and to love it! I hope the whole,thing about Hyrum and
glasses worked out! Sorry about the questions I missed! I'll have to
answer those next time! Love y'all! Bye!...

That was completely unedited.  Pure Maryandra.  We hope she has a good week, and we'll find 
out more in her next e-mail!  Here are some more of her Halloween photos!!!

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