Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Maryandra was sad to leave Fussa so soon!  She spent time with one fun family that is actually in an "I'm a Mormon" video, featuring the dad!  Maryandra encouraged us to watch it, so we did!  It was fun to learn about this family that Maryandra became attached to in such a short time!  Here are their kids, having fun with her iPad!

Maryandra enjoyed 2 Halloween parties last week, one in Fussa and 
one in Hibarigaoka!   Here is some of her last e-mail:

Well, today, as always, was very bittersweet. We had our eikaiwa
Halloween party in the evening, as the final part of the day. It was
really fun. We did all kinds of games and activities, and it was fun
to just watch these people all break out of their shells a little bit. . .
So, before the eikaiwa party, we had kids eikaiwa with this awesome
family. They're featured in an "I'm a Mormon" video, by the way. You
should watch it! It's a great video, one of my favorites! Anyway, it
was really fun. We talked about time and seasons with them, like we'd
done with another family. It was really cute. And the last part
was a fun game of Duck, Duck, Goose. It was always soooooo cute to
hear little two-year-old as he tried in vain to say duck and
goose. It was really just him going around saying"guck" over and over
again, and when he wanted you to be the goose, he would tap you and
just yell it louder. It went something like this every time: "Guck,
guck, gook, guck, goo, gook, guck........ GUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" It was
sooooo cute! And when he cried because he couldn't play the other
English games as well as his siblings, I fished a peace of candy out
of my pocket that I'd bought earlier that day, and gave it to him.
After that, he was a happy camper, and he even offered me one of his
candy corns at the end, because I would give him one whenever he
asked. What a cutie! I'm gonna miss him! He was my favorite from the
start! Ooooooh, I loooooove this family!

Waking up at five in the morning is one of my least favorite things to
do. Not only that, but we had to get right to work. I had to finish
packing my blankets and pillow cases, and get ready. By seven, we
headed to the church to get my bike and bring it back to the
apartment, where it was disassembled, and put into its bike bag for
the third time. Anyway, I am sitting in the
church in kichijouji, because both my current and my soon-to-be
companions are in a training meeting, and so I am studying with other
sisters. What fun, huh? Well, anyway, I have nothing further to
report at the moment, so I will see you after we get through this
awkward halfway phase, and I am settled into my new HOUSE! I can't
wait to see what it's like to live in a HOUSE! Haha, well, see you
later!.. So far, so good. After stopping at the house
to get bikes to ride (I had to borrow someone's bike), we rode to the
home of a member for a dinner appointment.
She is a really sweet little old lady. She gave us all the leftovers,
including cake! Holy cow! She's got such an amazing story, and a
really strong testimony that's been strengthened by here trials. I was
so amazed at one of her stories. Her house burned down when she was
young, and she and her family lost everything, except the clothes on
their backs.... And the pages of her Book of Mormon. The cover had
been burned away, and the edges of the pages were all charred, but
inside, the words were still there! She showed it to us, kept safe in
a box. I have a picture or two of it that I want to send! I can't wait
to show you! Oh. She's such a great person! After that, we made our
way back home, did planning, and prepared for bed! Yay! So weird to
live in a house, and sleep in bunk beds. Yikes!...
This is the Book of Mormon that was in the fire!
It's been fun teaching so many people. I've never taught so many
appointments in such a short period of time, and all the members are
so nice, as far as I can tell, anyway. I can see why my mtc companion
liked this area so much. Except for everything being crazy difficult
to find/get to, it seems like a great area, and would be a great place
to start a mission. I can see why she liked it so much.  It's
not bad here. I kind of like it already. Yay!      
By theway, one random note. Even though it's cool to live in a house, 
the house is, not surprisingly, 100% Japanese, which means the stairs 
are very scary to go up and down. I'll have to send you some pictures 
of the house soon. But the stairs are scary. And the house shakes a lot,
so I always think it's an earthquake or something, but it's not. The
house just shakes. Probably because we're not too far from the train
station, or a busy busy road. But it's interesting living in a three
floor building, having two bathrooms, bunk beds, my own closet all to
myself, and a small love seat SOFA on the second floor! Yikes, it's
all so different!
We met with a lady before the Halloween party, and she is an interesting person. 
Quiet, and reserved, but she listens. It's interesting. She's sweet. Anyway, the
Halloween party was actually kind of fun. There
was food, so I was able to eat dinner, and gain
a little more energy. I've been exhausted today, ever since about
three. All this walking back and forth is something I need to get used
to again, but it's good.
We housed part of this huge
apartment complex that's across the street from our house, and would
you know what? We found two people who said to come visit again, and
another lady that INVITED US INTO HER HOUSE!!!!! Oh my gosh! Oh my
gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! That's the first time that's ever
happened to me in my entire mission! This lady is Chinese, and she has
one three year old daughter. Her husband is abroad for work at the
moment, or at least I think that's what she said.
It was really cool! This lady is
really busy, so she can't do much with us, but she does have interest,
and we gave her the address to the church, and gave her a Book of
Mormon, and invited her to hear more! YES YES YES!!!
Hey, we just experienced a split second earthquake! It was normal strength, but it started and ended rather suddenly, and now the elders out in the hall are talking about it and trying to one up each other about the coolest earthquakes they've ever been in, etc. haha, elders. Well, see ya!
Couldn't resist one more scary Halloween selfie Maryandra!  
We hope she will have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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