Monday, August 25, 2014

Maryandra and Sister Tachibana received some yummy fruit from the ward members this past Sunday! Maryandra has been missing grapes!  They had a busy week, but it somehow didn't seem like very much happened, in Mayandra's opinion!

Here is a little bit from Maryandra's e-mail to home:
Eikaiwa (English conversation class) was really
interesting. I had so many people in my class that I had to shorten
our conversation time to three minutes each instead of five. I had ten
people In Attendance! What a record! But the funny thing is, I went
from lowest to highest, or most, attendees this week. Advanced class
usually only has four or five people total, so I was flabbergasted,
especially when I was the only who had numbers like that. But yeah, it
made eikaiwa very interesting today.
Well, theres's no doubt that I've definitely caught something. I think
it's just a cold, but... Yeah. It's not fun. Still, it could be much
worse, huh? I'll take advantage of my vitamin-C's, and try to stay
asleep more at night, and things like that, and I hope that this blows
over soon! 
Wow, today sure packed a wallop! The one day I would have been okay
taking it easy, and we end up having four visiting appointments. Sure,
it was great, of course. We just had to ride all the way to hashimoto,
then to kamimizo, then back to hashimoto again, and then tpreturned to
sagamihara. I'm bushed. And I can feel myself getting more sick.
That's not a good feeling. Yeah, we have zero conversations so far,
but we met with four people! That's a record! I really want to go out
and talk to people, but I'm not feeling that well. I'm wondering if it
would be a good idea to at least try and take a nap first, even though
that never works for me, or at least hasn't thus far? I don't know.
But I really feel like I don't deserve to rest yet. I committed to
president Wada that I would keep it up, and we would get more contacts
together, and work as a team! Ahhhh, torn...... But I forgot we have
to eat dinner before we decide anything. Man, biking from 9:30am till
4:15-ish sure beats the snot out of a person, not to mention how hot
and sweaty you can get. And sunburned. I forgot about that too. But
thankfully, it's mostly just my arms this time around. I need to
remember and think before I go outside to put on my sunscreen. But
hey, what's done is done. Worst case scenario, I'll just get more
freckles or an even worse farmers tan. Whoo! But it felt good to be
outside more than inside for once, the first time all transfer!
We got ahuge load of fruits and vegetables on our fruits basket this week,
which I find frankly amazing! And guess what? A big tub of grapes was
included! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!  And they're the normal American kind from
Costco, not the ones you have to peel!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!! We had a bit of
a rough time carrying potatoes, lettuce, grapes and peaches all to the
apartment, and fitting it all into the fridge 
Whoa. While
waiting for our ride just now inside the church, a mini earthquake
happened. It was over in less than two seconds, but it was really
weird. I couldn't feel it with my feet because the church has a strong
foundationFace with tears of joy, but I saw the walls shake all the way down the hall. Now
THAT was a weird sensation! To not feel the ground move, but
everything actually IS moving, and you see it, but don't feel it!
That's the exact opposite of motion sickness. And one of the weirdest
messages my brain has ever sent to me. Wow.
I'm feeling the beginnings of a sore
throat coming on. But other than that, I feel fine...... Wheeee! The
time spent at the ward members'  home was very fun! 
It was great. We showed them a Mormon
message about forgiveness. It's called "forgiveness: my burden was
made light." And then we shared the scripture Moroni 7:45-48. I
recommend you all watch that video as well! It's great! Anyway, now we
are finally back at the apartment. That was a long car ride. It took
about the equivalent of going from Orem to Lehi, except that there
were a lot more twists and turns, hills of ups and downs, and since
it's been so long since I've been in a car for more than twenty
minutes, I got that feeling that reminded me I sometimes get carsick.
Haha, but I was okay. We had somen for dinner... HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!
Whenever I tried to write somen, the auto-correct in my iPad always
changed it to women!!!! It thinks we ate women for dinner!... Yikes.
Anyway, yeah we had somen for dinner. It was delicious.
It started raining as we came
back from doing shopping, and it now sounds like it has become rather
heavy. Yikes. Well, what better time than now to finally take a
picture of the view from the apartment? 

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