Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maryandra had a great week!  Here she is at a yummy ramen shop!!!

 From Maryandra's e-mail:

 Gosh dang it, time! Why does it have to keep running away from me? I
 feel like I haven't even written anything cool. But I do have a few
 things to tell you today!
 First, we were chosen to go to kichijoji for a special digital media
, which means that we got to go and stand around at booths and go
 to workshops where members who are good at using social media for
 dendo(proselyting) teach other members who want to learn or are maybe
 not so good yet how to get better. It was all right, but really we
 didn't do anything besides take a bunch of silly selfies with the
 elders. We were lucky to get out with the kichijoji zone leaders.
They were way fun to talk with and
 laugh with for the first time in what felt like forever! Those two are
 both some of my favorite past zone leaders!
 But we took some good pictures. I'll send you them on p-day!

 After the fair was over, a dear member, who was one of the members
 who attended, took us to this restaurant I'd eaten at on splits once
 with Wilde Shimai a year ago, when we'd just barely come to Japan and
 still didn't know our way around. Ah, natsukashii, na! Anyway, this
 place is crazy! It serves you five ginormous gyouzas, and they are
 crazy good! It's only five dollars or so for the gyouzas, but they
 fill your whole plate, and you get soup too! Yummy!

We will be having another two mission conference on Wednesday
 this week, in kichijoji. Elder Nelson will be there! Do you wanna know
 something cool? I even know why he's coming. You wanna know why!.....
 WE'RE GETTING NEW IPADS! Yep, you heard right! So, we are the test
 mission for a good many of the various things
just the Brethren are
 trying out, probably because we're so new, and so small, so it's
 easier. Anyway, we passed the test with the iPads and their use for
 missionary work. So, we are going to be getting newer, better ones!
 So, to put in in perspective, we are migrating from 12GB iPads to 32GB iPads! Holy cow! That's a lot of power, a lot of trust! They must
 really have been impressed, or something. But here's the cool thing.
 Most of the other Japan missions are getting iPads at this time,
 including Kobe! Yay! That's where the other half of my MTC district
 went, for those of you who don't know. This means that they will get
 to spread the gospel through digital media in the near future, like
 what I get to do now! That's why we've been pushing for it so much
 lately. Now, instead of being able to only share the happy news of the
 gospel with a few people at a time, we can share it with hundreds,
 even thousands, of people, at the touch of a finger!
It's amazing! I
 urge all of you who can to try it out! If I or other missionaries who
 have this privilege post anything on facebook, I invite you all to
 like and share it, to spread the news of the gospel to all of your
 friends in a simple, friendly, natural way! This is going to sweep the
 earn as with a flood, according to elder Bednar, in a recent address
 given at BYU. I fully agree with him. This is one of the many ways we
 can all do member missionary work. And it's easy! It can even be fun!
 I urge all of you once again to try it out! I promise you, nothing bad
 can come from sharing something uplifting on facebook.
:) give it a
 shot, and let me know if you see any cool miracles in the near future!

A member gave Maryandra this chocolate with the kanji for "hope"
written on it!  What a great and yummy message!

 The devotional was awesome last night! We got to watch it at our
 church building, so no traveling was required! The coolest thing was
 that they said that for the first time in history, this was being made
 available by broadcast to all the saints I Japan at once, from Okinawa
 to Hokkaido! Cool, huh? The whole of Japan got to watch this historic
 broadcast! And it was way good! I love elder Nelson!
 Well, love you all! I love Japan! See you next week!
 Sister Miller

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