Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maryandra had Temple P-day, so her e-mail was late, and she didn't send any photos, so here is the Tokyo Temple!  She had a long, hard week, highlighted by the start of monsoon season and a 2 mission conference with Elder Quentin L. Cook! Here are some excerpts:

Well, brown shimai's famous last words of the day yesterday were "it's gonna get a whole lot hotter" and no sooner did we all believe her than it started raining cats and dogs, all night. It's now about 6:40 in the morning, and my once near-dry laundry now looks as if it just came out of the washing machine again :/ Oh well. It'll just have to "hang out" inside for a little bit. :) but the rain is a concern though. We had about four or five investigators and potential investigators set to come to this relief society cooking party, but if the rain continues until 10:00, they might not come, which is really sad. Everything looked just fine yesterday. Well, we'll just have to pray our hearts out for some miracle to happen or something. I'll let you know the results later today...okay, so we had three people show up! Not a bad turn out! Things should be okay now. I think it's still raining outside, but maybe not as bad as before.

And on the weekend:

So, it was our mission and the other Tokyo mission. It was pretty cool! I got a lot of good things from it, and if I have time later, maybe I'll share some of them, mostly in quote form, probably. But it was really cool!
Oh, but before io, I will tell you about my moment of panic. While I was at the mtc, my district heard about one time an apostle came to speak there before, and when he shook hands with the missionaries, all he said to some of them as soon as he shook their hands were "go home," because he could tell they weren't there for the right reasons. And I had a temporary phobia of " what if I get told to go home by an apostle! Sure, I have days when I want to go home, but that doesn't mean that I actually want to!" It was an unnecessary paranoia, thankfully, and it was a quick, painless procedure type thing. I'll tell you though, that was the first time when I looked forward to an opportunity like that with something besides excitement. Man, what's wrong with me? I worry too much.

There are times when, as a mother, I realize that my daughter is an awful lot like me! Here is another interesting excerpt:

We tried once again, unsuccessfully, to find hat less active member I mentioned yesterday, and it was really discouraging . . . We found exactly where it was supposed to be, but we couldn't find it. It's like it disappeared. I mean, where could a whole house go? It's like in Harry potter where they could hide houses and other places, and only he secret keeper could tell where it is. It's frustrating. But my amazing companion gave out another Book of Mormon! She is the hardest working person I have ever met. I feel bad that she's stuck with poky, lazy old me. Really, that's what I am. I don't feel bad for me, because that's how I've always been, and I'm content with that, but I feel bad for all the people who have to put up with it, so I'm trying to go a little faster, and talk more. I guess I get distracted by all the scenery and stuff, because it's so pretty here in Japan, right now!  

Maryandra is very critical of herself, but you can tell that she loves where she is right now!

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