Sunday, March 23, 2014

Maryandra soon found out that she'd have her own I pad to use for missionary work, but she also uses it to take photos of things, like herself!  The following are taken either from her camera or the I pad, but they show Sister Miller's first apartment in Hachioji, Japan.  It is pretty small, but that is normal for Japan!

Maryandra has also been very charmed by her surroundings, and reminders of her favorite Japanese animations, like Tonari no Totoro or My Neighbor Totoro.  It is one of the Miller family's favorite animations too, so the photos are very appreciated back home in Orem, Utah!
Maryandra thinks the things in the kids' sections of the stores are very charming, and also full of Totoros and cat buses and fun characters from the animations!  While Maryandra is working hard to learn and understand the Japanese language, it is refreshing for her to at least see things she is familiar with, and that bring back fun memories of watching these animations as a kid!

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