Tuesday, September 23, 2014

 Maryandra can see Mount Fuji from her new apartment in Fussa!  It is that mountain way in the back!

 Here is Maryandra with a bunch after a sports activity.  Maryandra is in the back, and her new companion, Sister Horrocks (not Jorrocks like I accidentally put 2 blogs ago) next to the elder in the red shirt!

Maryandra stumbled upon her new favorite restaurant while doing splits last week!  For those of you who don't know, Maryandra is an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes!  She really enjoyed the lunch they ate there!
Here are a few of her e-mail entries:
I like it here fine, but I don't feel like I'm doing anything. I felt
like I at least had a job in Sagamihara, even though I didn't actually
get anything done. Here, I loooove my companion, and the area is
pretty and quiet, but there is noooothing to do here! No people to
street, the area is HUGE, so if we want to go somewhere untouched, we
have to reside the train for an hour, and our priorities are so
different, none of our investigators are progressing, but we teach
them all the time. How can I help my area grow?... I think I found a
solution! I knew we needed to do finding, and we had the perfect
opportunity today, and got five real good, solid contacts! Way cool!
Our original plans had been slightly foiled when we decided to help a
member with cleaning the chapel by putting away and re-setting chairs
while she vacuumed. So, we had one hour of dendo time before dinner
and planning for a lesson. And we just decided to wing it, like we had
done all the time back in transfer four, in Sagamihara. And do you know
what? The old wing it magic worked! We talked to an old lady who owns
a really cool shop full of American and Japanese model planes and old
ships and Japanese traditional things that looked amazing, and a guy
randomly asked to take our pictures (that has happened to me before
too, if you remember. It was quite interesting, almost nostalgic.
After that, another old lady pruning her garden, and two ladies with
dogs (separately). It felt sooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooood!!!!

Maryandra issued a challenge to our family, so we'll put it in the blog
for everyone!
I want to challenge you all to so something for me on the
next few weeks. I want you to read the talks from last session of
general conference, before this next coming one. It's something I've
been doing for the last couple of weeks, and I've found it immensely
useful. I know it can help you all, in some way or other. Maybe a good
idea would be to do this for family home evening? Just take time to
read a few talks, and ask everyone before hand to write down a
question they have, about anything, and see if they get their answer
in the next couple of weeks. It worked for me to write down questions
before the last conference, and it will help everyone else, too! I had
so many last conference, and I'm thinking of plenty right now. I want
everyone to do this for me, okay?

Well, I am waiting for the waitress at the CHILI's on BASE that we
JUST ATE AT!!! I figured I would tell you what else we've done so far.
We came to the base with the elders and a few investigator and member
friends, and we played beach volleyball for an hour or so, which was
actually really fun. You would be proud of me. I played a sport! After
that, yes, we went to chili's and ate there. It was delicious, but
soooooo hard for me to digest American portions!
Oooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!! But it was good! Don't let me overeat when I
get home! Oh, and by the way, I'm just gonna send this now, 
because we will have to do
only part of our emailing today, in order to get to our lesson on
time.  But I will tell you I'm sooooooo stoked for zone conference
tomorrow!!!! Did you know they're piloting new pamphlets in our
mission? They pilot everything ever. Why is that? Not that I'm
complaining. They're pretty cool!
Anyway, gotta dash, because I have
to send more emails today! So many people deduced to email me last
week, it was weird! Well, see ya later!.....

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